Great Reviews; How to Get Them

I was looking at some reviews written about one of our clients and realized that if you want to know how to get great reviews, it may be simpler than you think. This client has been with us for just short of ten years now.  They are a law firm and a class operation.  They have grown from two people to a very substantial law firm. The important thing Great-Reviews; How to Get Themto understand is that there are lots of “tricks” to get clients to write great reviews, but there is no trick to getting great reviews.  It’s cultural.  If you are sincere with your customers and staff, you can build a culture that will get reviews that are so good, that I have actually blushed reading a couple of them. I was in awe of some of the things that their consumers wrote without a request or prod from them of any kind.

If you treat your staff and your clients with respect, they will usually treat you the same way.  I realized that the people who wrote these reviews were incredibly sincere and took the time to write some pretty lengthy accolades.  The other thing that surprised me was that they called the attorneys by their first name yet referencing them with such a standard of regard, that you’d swear a professional writer spent hours to write these reviews.  This firm gets great reviews even when they lose a case.  Think of that.  They lose the case and the clients are trying to comfort the attorneys by telling them that it’s okay but more importantly, a common thread is the clients saying that they got their self-respect back. Can there be a finer compliment than to say thank you for getting my self respect back when writing a great review?

Create A Culture of Great Reviews

These kinds of reviews can only be sincere and knowing this firm for the past ten years, they are well deserved.  Do you know why?  Culture, people.  They have created a culture of self respect and caring that can only produce the kinds of testimonials that are exceptional because the firm is exceptional and so is their leader.  So, next time you’re trying to figure out how to get great reviews about you and your company, why don’t you work to create the environment within your company that can only get you great reviews? Be exceptional in how you treat your staff, your clients and they will beat a path to your door.

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