Reputation Marketing Strategy

Reputation Marketing StrategyReputation marketing strategy is often referred to as business reputation marketing or online reputation marketing.  I’ve read several articles ranging from: you can protect yourself from negative reviews; which is virtually impossible to don’t waste your time which is also not the best approach either. As I’ve written before, I believe you can mitigate the damage by being proactive when monitoring your brand online, but also by how you deal with brand management.

Maybe the most important thing you can do is to not only be aware of the evil that lurks out there for your business reputation, but preaching to your staff that every customer is just one bad experience away from damaging you by writing a negative review that influences the next customer loss.  In other words, being aware may be the best thing you can do because it can actually change the culture within your company and the posture you take when dealing with every customer and staff.  If you set an example by never commiserating with staff about an impolite customer, you reinforce the value of a customer.

We had a client that lost 85% of his business over his social media reputation which was totally destroyed by his competitors when he didn’t take control of the negative event as it happened.  He then jumped up and justified it and the crucifixion began and hasn’t ended to this day. We are all one event away from total destruction and the vast majority of these online brand calamities can be avoided by taking an active role in protecting your business online.